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I have one of the 60GB iPods, if that matters here for this question.

Is there a way to choose, say "Genre" on my iPod and then see it listed/grouped as Albums or Artists within that chosen genre rather than just song titles? When the latter happens, I have to actually start playing the song to see what album or artist it's by.

This is an example of what I get now:

Genre > Electronica > list of song titles
I have to actually click on and play a song to see who it's by or what album it's on. The song titles do appear to be grouped by artist and or album in the list though.

This is what I want:
Genre > Electronica > Artist (or album) name > THEN the list of songs.

How do I set this up in iTunes for my iPod to display this?

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  • Have you tried playlists by Genre?
    You could have a smart playlist that automatically pulls "electronica" into it, then sort within the playlist however you want.

    Not sure how it'll work inside the pod though...
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      Thanks, Tedward, but that's really the point. You can see the albums in iTunes, listed with their covers, nice and pretty. But on the iPod, if you choose Genre as in you example, you're just provided with a list of song titles. I want to see albums there. And not just in the "Albums" choice.
      • Yeah, see, that's one of the shortcomings of all the ipod software: single source search. I really think that managing all this with playlists via iTunes is the only way you'll get it done. And you can't even put a playlist in a playlist. *sigh*

        and I can kinda see both sides of the coin. Apple intended the Pod to be a way for people to carry a -copy- of their music around with them and provided album title and genre searches to help speed the process of finding music. Power Users are pushing way beyond the intended use and running into walls when they do (multiple search, backing up when used as external storage media, jailbreaking, etc).

        I think the official word is that you're not going to get that feature... ever. At least not until all iPod software goes through a major revision. But I don't see that happening. They got MORE restrictive with the iPhone/Touch, despite the applications, you still can't access those devices without iTunes. They don't mount on the desktop, and you MUST access all data via wifi or the web (data that isn't provided by iTunes).
  • Interesting question, sorry I missed it before!

    What generation is your iPod and what version of software/firmware are you running on your iPod? To partially answer your question I know that you can sort your music by genre on the Touch and iPhone versions and then the next screen over is grouped by artist then songs. I dont have multiple albums by the same artist on my iPhone currently so its entirely possible that it sorts *Genre> Artist> Album> Songs.

    I'm heading home in a little bit I'll fool around with my iPods and see if I can come up with something more comprehensive for you.
    • " I dont have multiple albums by the same artist on my iPhone currently so its entirely possible that it sorts *Genre> Artist> Album> Songs. "
      It does.
      I just never use the genres... :oP

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